Wanted – GSCM PTO Nominations!

The PTO is actively looking for nominations for officers for the 2018-2019 school year.

We are looking to fill the roles of President and Secretary. We are asking everyone to prayerfully discern if this could be a match of your time and talents or someone else in the community that you know.

If you have any questions about these specific roles, please feel free to reach out to any of the following PTO members: Lindsey Schmitt, Miki Ferguson, Lauren Thamann-Raines, Monica Blackburn, or Kathy Paulin. Another option for gaining more information about these roles is to plan to attend our Thursday, March 8 meeting at 8:15am.

Please submit all nominations to the nomination committee members via email or the PTO mailbox in the office. After submitting the name, the nomination committee will contact any nominees and ask for their willingness to be nominated.  The nomination committee is comprised of the President (Lindsey Schmitt), Vice President (Miki Ferguson), and Volunteer Coordinator (Kathy Paulin).

We would like to receive all nominations by Thursday, March 29. In the event of several accepted nominations for the same office, we will hold elections in April.