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 Kroger Rewards Program

The Kroger Community Rewards program is one way you can support GSCM simply by doing what you are already doing – buying your groceries at Kroger. It does not require an extra card, just scan your Kroger Plus card as you normally do and a percentage of your purchase will be donated to the non-profit you have designated.

To register your card, go to and click the Community Link to get to the Kroger Community Awards.

Amazon Smile

GSCM can earn 5% on all sales through Amazon Smile

We are listed as “Queen of Angels Montessori”, so select us as your preferred charity under that name. Then, you can shop exactly as you always do on Amazon.  If you always log in to Amazon via Amazon Smile, the school will continue to earn 5% on sales and it will be no additional work for you!

Charity Mobile

Charity Mobile offers a variety of cell phonescell phone accessories, and cell phone plans, from easy-to-use flip phones to full-featured 4G/LTE smartphones, from low-minute emergency plans to bundle plans with talk, messaging, and data services on nationwide digital networks.

Charity Mobile will send 5% of your monthly plan price to GSCM.

Remke Rewards

Remke Markets will donate up to 2% to The Good Shepherd Catholic Montessori for every purchase made when you use your Remke Rewards card.

To link your Remke Market card to GSCM, click the account link in the upper right hand corner at

Do it now! Existing Remke Rewards card holders must link their cards to GSCM during the month of September.

Boxtops for Education

Clip the Box Tops from General Mills products. GSCM earns 10 cents for every Box Top turned in. There is a collection bin in the school office for Box Tops and periodically the PTO will run special collection drive.