Support GSCM

As a private Catholic school, tuition alone does not cover our operating expenses and GSCM relies on the generosity of friends and supporters who value catholic education and believe strongly in our mission in order to fill that gap. Your gift makes a meaningful difference and allows GSCM to continue its 24 year history of forming children and young people within an atmosphere of academic excellence, integrated Montessori curriculum, and a strong, vibrant faith. There are several ways to support GSCM. 

Annual Fund

  • Our annual fund helps to “bridge the gap” between our revenue from tuition and the costs of providing a superior Montessori education to our children and families. 
  • Gifts to the annual fund can be given via credit card by clicking here or can be sent to the school office via cash or check. 

SGO (Scholarship Granting Organization)

  • The state of Ohio recently established a program called Scholarship Granting Organizations (SGOs), which allows individual donors and pass-through organizations to receive a credit on their Ohio income taxes for up to $750 when donating to an approved SGO. The tax credit is equal to the amount donated, up to $750 per individual and $1,500 if filing jointly.
  • The Archdiocese and Catholic Education Foundation (CEF) have established an SGO umbrella for all archdiocesan schools and now have a website up and running for donors to select GSCM and receive the tax credit while supporting the school. With this scholarship funding, more families will be able to apply to GSCM for need-based tuition scholarships. The money is held by the CEF to be given to families who qualify for financial aid and tuition assistance at the discretion of the school. 
  • You can donate here. Remember to select The Good Shepherd Catholic Montessori School when making the donation. 
  • You can also donate via check by sending in this form to the CEF.

Matching Funds

  • More than 16,000 employers offer matching gift programs as a way to double or even triple a charitable contribution. If you initiate a matching gift, your company may contribute a 1:1, 2:1 or even 3:1 ratio to the same fund. 
  • Check with your employer about this benefit. This website allows you to search an employer for information on matching funds programs. In the school year 2021-2022 we had more than $24,000 donated to GSCM through employer matches. 


We invite local businesses to sponsor GSCM in exchange for advertising in the newsletter and during annual events. There are five different sponsorship levels available. Click here for the sponsorship form or to pay online click here.

We thank you for your support of GSCM and the generosity of your sharing with us. Our children benefit daily from your contributions as they “grow in wisdom, age, and favor among God and man.” 

For more information on ways to support GSCM, please contact Ryan Lopez in the Advancement Office or 513-271-4171 (ext 4)