Pre-Primary Phase-In Schedule 2018-19

August 29 & 30:  Class Visits for New Students

This is a 20 minute visit to help orient your child to the classroom.

Tuesday, Sept. 4:

8:00-10:30  All new three year olds

Wednesday and Thursday,  Sept. 5 & 6

8:00-10:30:  All new three and four year olds, all kindergarteners who did not attend GSCM for preschool.

Friday, Sept. 7

8:00-10:30:  All new preschoolers

8:00-12:30:  All kindergarteners (new and returning):  includes lunch

Monday, Sept. 10

8:00-11:30:  All new preschoolers

8:00-3:00:  All kindergarteners

Tuesday, Sept. 11

All returning preschoolers start school today.

Regular schedule for all students:

Preschool:  8:00-11:30          Kindergarten: 8:00-3:00