Inlet Dance Residency Begins

This week we started our Ohio Arts Council residency with Inlet Dance Theater from Cleveland.

On Monday, April 27 the entire company treated all of our students and teachers to a dynamic performance. The children are in for a vibrant, creative experience as they explore the world of modern dance with Inlet resident dancer/educator Josh Brown.

Based on the incredible experience we had on Monday at our opening assembly, you will not want to miss these upcoming events in our residency:

Tuesday, May 5, 6:30-7:45 p.m.:
Join your child to experience the joy, challenge, and liveliness of dance and creative movement. Inlet dancer and resident artist Josh Brown will lead parents and children in an evening of exploring creative movement together.

Mark Your Calendar
Thursday, May 14

Come and enjoy the students’ work with modern dance during their residency experience!

Thursday, May 14, 1:30-2:45  


Thanks to the Abbott, Reike, Ellis, and Sodergren families for hosting dancers overnight.   Thanks to Maria Lang for nourishing the dancers with her amazing paella Sunday night.  Thanks to the Schmitz family for donating Monday lunch.   During Monday’s performance the children were engaged and enthusiastic audience members, which is every dancers’ dream.   One dancer said, “Everything is perfect here!”  While another dancer asked, “Can we take these kids to all of our performances?!”  Congratulations on a great start to what will be an amazing three week modern dance residency.

About Inlet Dance Theatre

Inlet Dance Theatre is one of the region’s most exciting professional contemporary dance companies.  Founded in 2001 by Founder and Executive/Artistic Director Bill Wade, Inlet embodies his longstanding belief that dance viewing, training and performing experiences serve as tools to bring about personal growth and development.  Inlet’s collaborative artistic staff build the company’s solid reputation for uplifting individuals and engaging new audiences via performances and education programming.  In contrast to an industry where people are often used to further dance, Inlet Dance Theatre is committed to using dance to further people.

 Inlet Dance Theatre’s Education Programming

Inlet Dance Theatre’s education programs are a core component of their mission.  Inlet’s varied education programs employ the four creative practices:   imagination, investigation, construction, and reflection.  Inlet’s programs nurture curiosity, creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, communication, and collaboration.  Care is taken to ensure a warm learning environment as we engage our students in the various skills needed in our art making process. The evidence of how Inlet is “using dance to further people” is demonstrated not only by the increased knowledge and skills of our students but also when they translate dance lessons into life lessons.