GSCM Back to School Plan

We are so excited to start another year together as a community. As a family united in faith and set aside for the purpose of helping one another grow in wisdom, age, and favor, we look forward to a school year of “Thriving in SONshine!” 

GSCM is a unique and special community. Our mission is guided by our Catholic Identity and our Montessori philosophy. Each year we welcome nearly 200 students onto our campus and each one of them is formed in the faith and helped to become the person God made him/her to be.  Each child is respected, cared for and nourished intellectually, emotionally, physically, socially, and spiritually. Our dedicated faculty and staff work to serve and enable the children to flourish and blossom. 

GSCM administration has worked to develop a Back to School plan that will allow us to once again return to campus safely and the Board of Trustees has approved the plan. The plan can be found here. Please note that the plan is flexible and could change if needed. 

Any and all questions regarding the school plan should be directed to Miss Vega in the office.