GSCM Announces New Principal Welcome, Anne Marie Vega!

We are excited to announce that Anne Marie Vega will be the new principal at The Good Shepherd Catholic Montessori, starting in July 2017.  Anne Marie has a wonderful combination of experiences, qualifications, and qualities that uniquely suit her to serving as the next leader of our school. She completed both Montessori pre-primary and elementary training; she taught elementary school for eleven years; she is a fully-trained and experienced catechist in Catechesis of the Good Shepherd; and she has administrative experience as director of religious education (DRE).

Since 2011, Anne Marie has served as the DRE at St. Anthony/All Saints Catholic Church in Canton, Ohio. In this position, she had many accomplishments, including:

  • Establishing the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program at the parish, including the creation and oversight of five atrium environments
  • Coordinating religious formation for parish youth ages 2-12
  • Coordinating a junior high youth program for grades 7-8
  • Developing and initiating a toddler atrium experience
  • Supervising and mentoring over 20 catechists

Regarding her Montessori background, Anne Marie wrote, “As a Montessori educator, I am deeply respectful of the child and the child’s role in society. My Montessori formation resonates deep within me and permeates everything I do … Although I was not in a Montessori environment, my Montessori formation provided me with a deep understanding of the child so that I was able to create an environment of liberty and freedom. I purchased Montessori materials and made many of my own materials for use in the classroom. I used every opportunity I could to share Montessori theory with my fellow teachers.”

Anne Marie has an Master of Arts in Education and is currently completing her Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies with a concentration in the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (Aquinas Institute of Theology, St. Louis). She completed Levels I, II, and III formation as a CGS catechist and has experience in the atrium at all three levels.  She is discerning becoming a formation leader for CGS catechists.

Our interactions with Anne Marie revealed a person who is creative, energetic, and personable. She values relationships and seeks to know all the children and adults who she serves. She is a person of deep faith and prayer. She is organized, hard-working, and an articulate speaker and writer.

We look forward to welcoming Anne Marie Vega as our school principal.  Soon, Anne Marie will share a welcome letter of her own with our school community.

With Anne Marie’s arrival, Dan Teller will resume the role of executive director at GSCM. Next year he will work directly with Anne Marie as a mentor and supervisor; he will oversee the school’s administrative staff (including marketing, finance, and development); he will continue to be active in the atrium and Erdkinder programs; he will oversee the management of the facilities and grounds; and he will lead the school’s admissions process.