Virtues Learning

A virtues program, appropriate to the different ages and development of the children, emphasizes the personal qualities that enable us to make the presence of Christ real in our daily lives and interactions. In addition, the daily behavior and exhortations of the staff are oriented towards modeling Christ-like behavior, and to actively encouraging and guiding children to “do what Jesus would do.” Gospel maxims can serve as a reference point to help the child reflect on his personal actions in light of Christ’s teachings.

Click here for an overview of our virtues education program, based on a three-year cycle of the theological and cardinal virtues.

Click here to view all of the Home Projects for for the complete three-year virtues cycle.

Click here to view the September 2015 Virtues Project: Hope

Click here to view the October 2015 Virtues Project: Studiousness

What are people saying about the Virtues Projects?

  • “We walked through the church after Mass and talked with the kids about showing reverence, as well as various aspects of the cathedral.  We also talked about why bowing is a sign of reverence.  Both our kids expressed prior knowledge from what they have learned at school.” (Parent)
  • “My favorite part of the church is the tabernacle because it has God in it.” (Student)
  • “It’s great to have the home projects and see how the students are bringing the virtues work at school into the home.  This is an opportunity for families to spend time together and be more aware of their mission to grow in holiness.”