Service Learning

“To stretch [the children’s] intellects, to make them classicists, to form budding scientists and mathematicians, to give them academic excellence will have no worth unless they are also integrated, committed, respecting, loving, and caring individuals.”
Margaret Stephenson (Montessori teacher trainer), Cosmic Education

“I would like to thank you for organizing the community service projects for The Good Shepherd Catholic Montessori. Having your students volunteer at our organization has been a blessing. I have heard over and over again from staff and volunteers that the students who have come have been very polite, courteous, and helpful. Again, thank you.”
Jessica A. Wabler, Executive Director, Madisonville Education and Assistance Center

Values in Action

Gospel values are put into action through service, in a wide variety of venues. At The Good Shepherd Catholic Montessori, our students participate in a variety of age-appropriate service-learning activities.

  • Practical Life:  An essential aspect of Montessori education is practical life. At all levels students are engaged in maintaining and cleaning the classroom environment as a way to contribute to the community. 
  • Grace and Courtesy: Lessons of Grace and Courtesy help students and faculty alike to live within community and follow social norms. These include lessons in basic manners as well as conflict resolution and working together in groups.
  • Annual Christmas Sale: Each year our students in Lower Elementary participate in their Christmas sale. They purchase and wrap small gifts for their loved ones. All the items are donated and the money raised is donated to a local cause chosen by the students. 
  • Community Service: Students in 6th grade offer community service hours throughout the school campus. They take care of recycling, water plants, read to younger children, clean whiteboards, etc. 
  • Service Hours: Our students in the Middle School Adolescent Program are required to earn 60 hours of community service prior to graduation. These service hours must be fulfilled by serving the family, the school community, and the broader community. 
  • Magnified Giving: Students in middle school can choose to participate in the Christian Outreach Committee. They research various local charities, raise money, and are able to donate a $1,000 grant to the charity of their choice. 
  • Altar Guild: Students in grades 3-8 are able to participate in Altar Guild. The students meet during the school day to prepare the chapel for weekly liturgy and execute various prayer services and liturgical celebrations throughout the year.
  • Rosary Club: During the months of October and May as well as throughout Lent students in grades 1-8 are invited to gather after school to create rosaries to be donated to local charities.