Jon Peterson Scholarship Program

The Good Shepherd Catholic Montessori is a private provider for students in Ohio’s Jon Peterson Scholarship Program. This program, administered by the Ohio Department of Education, serves students who have an IEP for a learning disability, speech disability, other health impairment, or autism. Scholarship funds are used to provide services for the student at school.

A state-certified Intervention Specialist (IS) oversees the development and management of each student’s IEP. Services available include: speech/language therapy, pull-out or push-in interventions, classroom interventions, Orton-Gillingham tutoring, and aide services.

The student’s IEP is reviewed each year and yearly goals are determined in coordination with parents, teacher, and Intervention Specialist. Quarterly reports of a student’s progress are sent to parents. Every three years the ETR/MFE is conducted to determine if the child is still eligible for services.

For questions regarding this program at The Good Shepherd Catholic Montessori, please contact the principal, Anne Marie Vega at 513-271-4171 or