Arts in Education

GSCM has provided multiple arts residencies through the Ohio Arts Council’s Artist in Education program. We have enjoyed residencies in the disciplines of music, dance, design/architecture, visual arts, poetry, and theater arts It is interesting – when asking our students about their favorite residency experience, their responses vary. For some, the vibrancy of sculpture and color with Debbie Brod’s visual arts residency was their top pick.  Others recall their work with traditional folk musician Russ Childers. Others enjoyed the dynamism of poet Ray McNiece. Others recall with great fondness their work with Janet Cotner in design or their time with musician Hal Walker; others recall their exploration of color and paint with Steve Fessler; and some relish their exposure to modern dance with Renee McCafferty.

Our goal is to offer a 3-week residency every three years. All GSCM students participate, and a core group has daily contact with the artist.  

Exposure and experience in the arts is one of the greatest gifts we can offer to our students. The OAC’s Artist in Education program has been a blessing for us, enabling us to offer experiences to our students that they would not otherwise have. For a history of all our residencies, click here.