Montessori Education: A Key to Academic Excellence

The core educational program includes all academic subjects, plus a Montessori-based religious formation program.

Independence, self-discipline, and hands-on learning are well-known hallmarks of Montessori students. The Montessori graduate leaves school with excellent academic skills, a comprehensive world-view, and the abilities to work through in-depth research and engage in high-level critical thinking. Standardized test scores indicate that, nationwide, Montessori students master basic skills well beyond their grade levels. Not revealed through test scores but seen in the everyday life of the Montessori student is the quality of learning and character development that accompany a Montessori education.

The Montessori classroom, with its brilliant hands-on learning materials, enables the child to develop as a self-learner. The Montessori teacher, trained to observe and guide each individual child, helps the child excel to his or her full potential. And the Montessori curriculum, broad in scope and rich in content, inspires the child to develop a sense of gratitude for what has come before him, and a sense of responsibility to make his own contribution to the ongoing development of humankind.