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Specialists and Visitors Testimonials


Eileen Schroeder, Program Coordinator at the Springer School and Center, writes:

GSCM teachers have biannual consultations with Mrs. Schroeder to review student strategies.   Eileen remarked,

“I tell you this every time I visit, but my GSCM consultation days are some of my favorites for the entire school year!  You have a fantastic group of teachers! They are intelligent, collaborative, and insightful professionals who want to make student needs a priority.”


Dr. Pat Cleveland, Student Services Manager for Cincinnati Public Schools, recommended our school to a co-worker for her first grade child and remarked,

“If they didn’t live 40 minutes away, I would want my grandchild to come to GSCM.”


Marcie Kinney, Lead Architect at GBBN, after observing at our school for a full day, remarked over and over again,

“This is a special school. I mean that – there is something very unique and special here! There is joy and purpose and real learning! I was so impressed!”


Beth Strbik, Catholic school administrator who chaired our external accreditation team.

After her two-day visit in March, Beth remarked,
“I have never seen students so focused on their work.  They were so engaged!”


Steve Druffel, a 36-year veteran teacher, recently spent a morning observing our school and sent the following message:

“I am very impressed with your school. A number of things stood out. The teachers I observed seemed very dedicated and focused on their students’ work and progress. The students seemed focused on their work and moved from one work type to another with little hesitation. The students seemed self-directed and seemed to take ownership of their work and progress (the Montessori philosophy.) The hands-on religion lesson with wheat seeds and the various stages of wheat plant growth was very engaging. The discussion also seemed to engage the students. What an interesting and engaging way to teach religion. We’ve come a long way from the Baltimore Catechism method of teaching religion.”


How do we get these Testimonials?

Some businesses ask people to write about their experiences with their products.  Other companies pay people to post good reviews.  We don’t work that way.  Our testimonials have been sent to us without any solicitation or compensation.