GSCM Testimonials

GSCM is a true gift to our family! Our children are encouraged to be curious, courageous and greet all things with a sense of wonder and awe! We love to hear about them bundling up to play in the snow on the hillside, prayerfully writing scripture in Atrium, designing the perfect marble run in science, or even repairing a relationship after someone has been hurt. All of this builds character and prepares our children to be disciples for Christ in our world!  -Alison Zlatic, Current Parent 

I have nothing but fond memories from attending GSCM. What I remember most about GSCM is the supportive environment. GSCM supports not only the students’ intellectual pursuits — allowing for flexibility in learning and self-directed research projects—but also their emotional well being, which is often difficult for larger schools to monitor. GSCM was a wonderful part of both my educational career and my childhood. -Anne Shim, GSCM Class of 2007

GSCM is a Catholic parent’s dream come true. The Montessori method fosters deep curiosity and a love of learning in a way that invigorates and inspires children at all paces and levels, while the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd helps children to cultivate a friendship with Jesus and prepares them to participate profoundly in the life of the Church. Our boys look forward to Monday mornings because they love school so much. -Amber Lapp, Current Parent 

Good Shepherd was an answer to our prayers. When we transferred our son to GSCM after 5th grade, he came in with a serious lack of academic self-confidence and frequently referred to himself as “stupid.” In three amazing years, he transformed into a happy, gregarious young man who was invited into an honors program at the high school of his choice. Good Shepherd recognizes each student’s gifts, as well as their challenges, and works individually with each child. The community is very welcoming to new students and families and offers in-depth learning and travel experiences. It is a community that truly lives gospel values.  -Chris and Kathleen Wilke, Alumni Parents 

I love that GSCM helps me learn. It’s really special because it has fun works in the afternoon. -Alma, Preprimary Student

I love Good Shepherd because of  the fun work. I like this school because of the nice teachers. I think everyone should go here because you always feel like you’re with God.” -Daelyn, Lower Elementary Student

GSCM is amazing! I love the community, friends, and teachers. The amount of time outside is a gift, and it always brightens my day. Student representation is a first priority and it creates an atmosphere where all opinions are welcome and where everyone has a say. The teachers are great at what they do and don’t just lecture. The Montessori model is so freeing, and it allows learning to be much more fun. -Joe, Upper Elementary Student 

I feel that GSCM has well prepared me for life, and I feel that I am well equipped to take on the challenges of the world. This school has given me and experience I could get nowhere else. This is why I chose GSCM. -Nathan, Middle School Student