About Our School

2023-2024 Board of Trustees

Ernie Corvi, President 

Anna Egan, Vice President

Anna (Mitchell) Egan joined the board in January of 2021. She is the producer and co-host of the Son Rise Morning Show on Sacred Heart Catholic Radio and EWTN, and works often with the Institute of Catholic Culture.  She also serves on the Advisory Board for the Little Sisters of the Poor and Pregnancy Center East. Annie and her husband Will have four children, two of whom are currently enrolled at GSCM.

Chris Ertel, Treasurer

Chris Ertel joined the board in 2021. Chris works as a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Ohio for the City of Cincinnati and the Village of Mariemont. Chris, his wife Darlene and son (Jonah) are parishioners at Saint Margaret – Saint John. 

Annette Lustenburger, Secretary 

Annette joined the Board in 2022. She taught at GSCM for 12 years, first in the Atrium, and then in the Middle School Religion Program until retirement in 2017. Annette and her husband Tom are parishioners of St. Gertrude Church, have 3 adult children, including their daughter Christine who is an alumnus of GSCM. Annette earned her Education degree in Canada and her MA in Theology at Franciscan University of Steubenville. She serves as coordinator of an American Heritage Girls troop in Oakley.

Bethany Bresnen, Trustee

Bethany Bresnen joined the Board in 2023.  After graduating from OSU with a BS in Marketing and Advertising, Bethany worked for The Matthew Kelly Foundation (now Dynamic Catholic) for four years as Event Coordinator.  She now works part-time for Cincinnati Children’s Hospital supporting a team of researchers.  Bethany and her husband, Mike, and daughter, Maria (a GSCM student), are parishioners at St. Gertrude.  Bethany also co-leads the Altar Guild at GSCM.

Tom Frietch, Trustee

Tom joined the board in January, 2023. He and his wife,Terri, reside in Madeira and are parishioners at St. Vincent Ferrer(SVF) where their three adult children attended school.He has served on the SVF school board and along with Terri, has been on various other committees at SVF, St.Xavier, Moeller and Ursuline high schools. After 39 years of practicing dentistry in Colerain township, Tom retired in March, 2023. “I am honored and looking forward to serving on the GSCM school board.”

John David Kimes, Trustee

John David Kimes joined the Board in 2024. He and his wife, Rachel, have 4 children (one of whom has passed away and two currently attend GSCM). John David is the Coordinator of Religious Education at their parish, St. Catherine of Siena in Ft. Thomas, KY, where he also currently serves on the Board of Catholic Education. He is trained in level I of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, and volunteers weekly in the GSCM atrium. John David also brings with him 10 years worth of experience working full-time in Catholic ministry.

Carla Molina, Trustee

Carla María Molina joined the Board in 2022. Carla is a Certified Executive Coach and a Leadership Consultant with the Catholic Leadership Institute. She is originally from Mexico and is retired from Procter & Gamble. She’s been involved with various Catholic apostolates locally, like St. Gertrude’s youth ministry and Pregnancy Center West. She is the founder of Executive Coach Solutions.

Tim Navaro, Trustee

Tim Navaro joined the board in 2022. Tim is an English teacher at Mason High School. He and his wife, Shawna, have five children. Vinny, Beck , and Rose attend GSCM. 

David Rahner, Trustee

Dave joined the board in 2022. He and his wife Tricia are the parents of 8 kids, 3 of whom have attended GSCM. Dave is a family physician who has spent most of his career caring for the poor and homeless. He helped to lead a non-profit Christian healthcare ministry in OTR for 22 years and was a founding board member of Citylink Center. Currently he is on the board of the Cincinnati Guild of the Catholic Medical Association and works for the VA, where he cares for homeless veterans and helps with primary care management.

Harry Robinson, Trustee

Harry joined the board in January, 2023. He and his wife Peggy have been involved with GSCM for 15 years. Harry and Peggy have been members of St. Gertrude Church for more than 30 years and Harry has served as Parish Council President. After working for Procter & Gamble and Coca-Cola in marketing and general management, Harry has been an executive coach for business owners and executives with Vistage Worldwide for 23 years. Harry and Peggy have three adult children and six grandchildren.

David Stein, Trustee

Matthew Westrich, Trustee

Matthew Westrich joined the board in 2023. Matthew and his wife Renee are members of St. Gertrude parish.  Matthew and Renee have one son and four daughters, including two GSCM graduates and two current GSCM students.  Matthew is a civil/structural engineer and works at Haag Engineering. 

Martin Wilhelmy, Trustee

Martin Wilhelmy joined the board in the summer of 2020. Martin and his wife Dagmar have been involved with GSCM since 2003 with now three graduates of GSCM and a fourth child that also has attended the school. With a BS in Engineering from UC and an MBA from INSEAD, Martin works as an investment advisor for the Frank Wilhelmy Hearn Wealth Consulting Group of Wells Fargo Advisors. The Wilhelmys reside in Hyde Park and are parishioners of Old St. Mary’s Church in OTR.

Alison Zlatic, Trustee

Alison Zlatic has been a Board trustee since 2018. Alison is a stay-at-home mom. She also serves on the Board of St. Vincent dePaul. Alison and her husband Paul have 5 children attending GSCM. She has her BS in Secondary Education and her MSE in Educational Leadership with a focus on Catholic Schools

Strategic Plan

The GSCM Board of Trustees is responsible for the long-term strategic planning and health of the school. In January of 2023 the Board officially adopted its next strategic plan for the school, setting out long-term goals and metrics to continue the vision and mission of GSCM. You can view the plan here.

Role of the Board of Trustees

As a not for profit, 501c3 tax exempt corporation, The Good Shepherd Catholic Montessori (GSCM) is run by a Board of Directors who serve three-year renewable terms. See below for more information about how the board operates.

What is the role of the GSCM Board?
The Board is responsible for upholding GSCM’s mission, ensuring long-term financial health and stability, appointing and supporting the principal, addressing policy issues and setting and implementing GSCM’s long-term strategic plans. The board is not responsible for the day-to-day operations of the school or the hiring of teachers or other members of the staff. Meetings are typically held monthly and the board president sets the agenda. Board decisions require a quorum being present and motions pass by majority vote. Board members serve as volunteer stewards of GSCM.

How are GSCM Board members appointed?
All candidates for board membership are nominated by a board member or the principal. Nominations typically address board needs such as legal, accounting, Montessori or other professional experience as well as perceived commitment to GSCM’s mission and Catholic identity.

Why are GSCM Board meetings not open to the community?
GSCM is a private, not for profit corporation. Board meetings, meeting minutes and by-laws are not public. The board often addresses topics that are sensitive and require confidentiality; other issues are of such a scope that resolution requires significant time. Board decisions regarding policy matters are always shared with the school community, typically through normal school communication channels.

How do I bring an issue before the board?
To bring an issue before the board, send a letter or email to the president, as that office holder sets the agenda for board meetings. The board will consider every matter submitted by a parent and respond directly to them and others, including the entire school community, as appropriate.