About Our School

Board of Directors

As a not for profit, 501c3 tax exempt corporation, The Good Shepherd Catholic Montessori (GSCM) is run by a Board of Directors who serve three-year renewable terms. See below for more information about how the board operates.

What is the role of the GSCM Board?
The Board is responsible for upholding GSCM’s mission, ensuring long-term financial health and stability, appointing and supporting the principal, addressing policy issues and setting and implementing GSCM’s long-term strategic plans. The board is not responsible for the day-to-day operations of the school or the hiring of teachers or other members of the staff. Meetings are typically held monthly and the board president sets the agenda. Board decisions require a quorum being present and motions pass by majority vote. Board members serve as volunteer stewards of GSCM.

How are GSCM Board members appointed?
All candidates for board membership are nominated by a board member or the principal. Nominations typically address board needs such as legal, accounting, Montessori or other professional experience as well as perceived commitment to GSCM’s mission and Catholic identity.

Why are GSCM Board meetings not open to the community?
GSCM is a private, not for profit corporation. Board meetings, meeting minutes and by-laws are not public. The board often addresses topics that are sensitive and require confidentiality; other issues are of such a scope that resolution requires significant time. Board decisions regarding policy matters are always shared with the school community, typically through normal school communication channels.

How do I bring an issue before the board?
To bring an issue before the board, send a letter or email to the president, as that office holder sets the agenda for board meetings. The board will consider every matter submitted by a parent and respond directly to them and others, including the entire school community, as appropriate.

2019-2020 Board of Directors

Mary Beth Escamilla, President

Lindsey Schmitt, Vice President

Erni Corvi, Treasurer

KC Steve Lawson, Secretary

Alison Zlatic

Brian Hurley

Mary Lennard

Anne Marie Vega, Principal