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2023-2024 School Calendar

Educating the Whole Child

Maria Montessori advocated a cultural, cosmic education for the child. She advocated an education that gave the child a vision of the unity of all Creation as an expression of God’s light and love. She wanted an education that not only gave the child a vision of the whole universe, but also gave the child the framework with which to build his/her personality. Her goal was not the transmission of facts, but rather the holistic development of the individual.

Catholic Identity

Our mission statement states, "GSCM is dedicated to providing an outstanding education to children ages three to fourteen in a Catholic atmosphere, faithful to the Magisterium of the Church." Our Catholic identity is part of the life of our campus. Not only through contemplation and work in the atrium, but with liturgical and prayer celebrations.

Practical Life

Practical life is a cornerstone of the Montessori environment. It provides the means for the child to develop the core foundations of the inner self, as well as the structure to live and work within the community. From preschool through adolescence, real work connects the children to the environment and builds the skills needed for daily life. The children become part of the ongoing human narrative, the progressive incarnation of God's plan for humankind and the establishment of the Kingdom of God.